Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety Strategy has at its heart the concepts of Sensible Health and Safety and shows the company’s commitment to continual improvement.  Being “risk aware, not risk averse” is built into the Company’s whole approach to managing risk in all aspects of its business.  Sensible Health and Safety awareness is key to ensuring that managers can deliver on their service priorities whilst ensuring the risks are managed in a sensible, proportionate and legal way.

This strategy is endorsed by our Managing Director and the Health and Safety Department by supporting the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy. It provides the direction for improvement of health and safety performance across all the Group's the business activities including working to the stringent Health and Safety standards set by Network Rail.

This Strategy supports the company’s priorities and in particular supports the Priority of Maximizing Wellbeing by addressing the potential health and safety risks from the company`s service delivery.

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Behavioural Safety

Behavioural Safety Training
Traditionally safety focuses on PPE, hardware, equipment, housekeeping, tools, machinery guarding and the like. This is critical of course, and helps us achieve SAFE CONDITIONS, SAFE ACTS and a SAFE PLACE OF WORK.

The natural progression from this is to work on SAFE SYSTEMS OF WORK:procedures, instructions, safe methods of working, Permits to Work and so on.

However, even with these systems and procedures in place, we were still finding that accidents and injuries were occurring in the workplace. We quickly realised that safety performance stopped improving and started to level out and that we could not achieve zero injuries without tackling behaviour in the workplace as well.

Therefore we introduced a Behavioural Safety Training Programme called “Supporting Behavioural Change” and this tackles the following key areas to support individuals, and teams, to work safely at all times:
Empowering individuals to act safely and recognise unsafe situations
Discussions on accident free workplaces - do they exist?
Common excuses for accidents
The accident journey - Culture, leadership, behaviour etc
What is behaviour?
Consequences of our behaviour - Positive, Immediate, Certain
Positive Reinforcement – supporting each other
Taking responsibility – for our own safety and the safety of others
Communication – sharing best practice and guidance
Motivation – why behavioural safety is important
Leadership – we all have a role to play

We are committed to investment in the training and development of all our staff and we see this as an integral part of business growth. Therefore it is our policy to ensure that training is a continuous process that embraces all levels of employees. Our Health and Safety Department has a dedicated training wing with all tutors trained to Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLLS) Level 4 as a minimum, the training division provides the following internal courses:

Supporting Behavioral Change
Abrasive Wheel Awareness and Handling
Manual Handling
3 Day First Aid
1 Day Health and Safety Awareness
Working at Height Awareness
Asbestos Awareness
Face Fit Testing

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