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William Reilly

Founder, W. Reilly Limited (1993)

On the 17th of May 1958, William left his Drominskin home with £20 in his pocket and a new suit case bought for him by his father.

He headed, like so many before him, to dig for gold in the streets of London.


William Reilly found work in the building sector and was working day and nights.

William used the experience he had gained to set up a number of companies in the construction industry.

W. Reilly Limited worked on Thames Water projects and supplied labour to
PJ Careys LTD.
Since 1993 the company has supplied labour to J. Murhy & Sons and spread its wings to Scotland and Greater London.

William’s philosophy for success:
If you want to spend £5 make sure you earn £10”.

After W. Reilly Limited experienced more than 20 years of growth, Mr Reilly began to look into other areas of construction.

At present the company specialises in rail works and all civil engineering projects.

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Major expansion of the company due to being awarded a prime contract

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